Harbour and Anchorage Guide

Map of anchorages and harbours

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  1. Please read in conjunction with the map above
  2. All coordinates are to WGS84 datum
  3. The coordinates given are the actual positions we dropped anchor
  4. We didn’t pay to stay in any of the locations listed except in Levitha (on visitors’ buoys) and in the operational marinas (as in 2007)
  5. We used ‘Eagle Ray’ Sea Guides and would thoroughly recommend them – see www.eagleray.gr/

1. PSERIOMOS – Varthy Bay  36o 56.13’N  27o09.17E

This wide bay open is to the east and is about 5nm from Turkish coast. It provides good shelter in all except NE-SE winds. Gusts were experienced in strong NW winds, but the sea remained calm.

Varthy Bay

Good holding in about 6m, but we could have gone further in to the shore and still had good holding. There is nothing in the bay except a fish farm and small sandy beaches. The bay seems to be popular at weekends with day boats from Kos. Clear water, but no sea life except for the usual flat fish near the anchor chain.

2. LEVITHA – Ormos Leitha  36o 59.5’N  26o27.5E

On the south coast of Levitha island a channel going north branches into two. The western one does not go in very far, but provides some shelter. However, the eastern one is better and gives excellent shelter from all except strong westerly winds.


There are ten permanent visitors’ buoys that cost €7 for two nights. Ashore is a small taverna but I think you need to order in advance, for lunch anyway – we had goat and there are lots of goats about!!. Poor mobile coverage – we needed to climb the hill to get a signal. No water, rubbish bins or shops. There is a dinghy landing on the small quay a short row from the mooring.

3. Donusa NE – Roussa  37o 07N  25o50E


Anchor near the small quay in 7m over sand. Goodish holding and well sheltered from all but easterlies. Nothing ashore except for a few houses, some fishing boats, very quiet. There are a couple of small sandy beaches ashore. No mobile signal

4. KOUFONISI (Small Cyclades) – Pori Bay  36o 56.72’N  25o37.36’E

Koufonisi - Pori Bay

This is a semi circular bay about ½ mile in diameter. It is sheltered from all directions except the SE quadrant. Good holding in 4m over sand. There is a fine beach and a couple of tavernas ashore. No water or shops available. Very clear water with viz in excess of 10m. There are caves in the nearby bay to the north that can be explored with snorkelling gear – access to these is difficult down the cliff and over the rocks, but it’s worth the effort!

5. SCHORNOUSA (Small Cyclades) – Myrsini  Cove 36o 52.32’N  25o30.61E

Myrsini Cove

This is a long and narrow bay on the west coast of the island. There is a jetty for ferries that boats can moor stern-to or even alongside in one area as long as they keep clear of the ferries. The anchorage is very sheltered from all directions except southerlies. We anchored past the jetty in good sand, but there are slabs of rock on the seabed that provide no holding or foul an anchor. Ashore there are a couple of small beaches, tavernas and shops.

6. IOS – Ormos Mylopolamos 36o 42.7’N  25o17.6E


This bay is a great alternative to the main harbour in Ios (Chora) which is in the next bay to the north. The bay is the home of the ‘Far Out’ resort which provides reasonable food in the restaurant by the pool and an internet facility. The shelter is excellent except from westerly winds and the holding is good in sand in 6-8m. There is a dinghy landing quay by the taverna in the south-east corner of the bay. There are other tavernas and supplies can be obtained from a couple of shops on the left hand side of the bay and in the resort shop. There is a regular bus to Ios (Chora).

Far Out Club

The hillside town there is very picturesque and the harbour has the usual Mediterranean moorings and is where the charter yachts go. Despite the resort complex this was a nice quiet anchorage.

7. PAROS – Aluki 36o 59.7’N  25o07.9’E

Aluki is a small fishing harbour on the south-west corner of Paros with all round shelter. Anchor in 5-8m outside the rows of permanent small boat moorings. The bottom is sand and rock, but the holding is good if you lay your anchor in the sand. There is a tiny inner harbour by a taverna where you can land a dinghy. Ashore there is a tap on the quayside and a number of good tavernas and shops. Internet is available in Jonny’s taverna. There is a long sandy beach close by. Although Aluki is close to Paros airport and the aircraft fly overhead it is not a very regular service and the anchorage is quiet.

8. PAROS – Marmara Bay 37o 03.2’N  25o16.1’E

This is a well sheltered bay, but open to the east, about 0.3Nm wide and 0.5Nm deep on the east coast of Paros. The holding is good in sand in 4-6m. There is a small fishing harbour in the south west corner of the bay that provides a good dinghy landing place. There is nothing ashore, but the village of Marmara is a 20 min walk away. Here you can find shops and restaurants.

9. PAROS – Naousa 37o 07.5’N  25o14.1’E

Naousa Marina

In 2008 this marina was unfinished with no facilities, but it provides excellent shelter at no cost in a very pretty town with good shops and numerous tavernas. The town and marina get very crowded in the season with both visiting boats and tourists from the ferries but the season is really only about four-six weeks in July/August. The shelter is good, but an unpleasant swell comes into the marina when strong winds come from the north. However, with careful mooring, this is not a serious problem and we were quite comfortable during a Meltemi, although the surging caused a number of the mooring rings in the quayside to shear! Moor stern-to along the new north-west wall or alongside in the corner where the depth is 2m or so. You can also moor alongside the south-east quayside where there is a depth of 2m, but do so only in calm weather as this area is affected by the swell.

Naousa Inner Harbour

Fuel is available, but only by tanker or in jerry cans from the nearby garage. Gas can be obtained from the hardware store up the hill on the southern side of the town. Water is from a tap or hose on the south side of the fishing harbour where you can also moor stern to, but only if the wind is not blowing as this is a very exposed area. Avoid the marked berth here which is for the daily ferry service which arrives morning and evening and goes to Mykinos and Delos. There is a fruit and veg shop and a supermarket on the outskirts of the town on the road to Parika past the petrol station. There is a good bus service to the capital of the island – Parika. There are several bakeries and a butcher and fish shop(near the hardware store) in Naousa town. One of our favourite stops.

10. If the harbour is full, there is an excellent anchorage in Ag Ioannis cove on the northern side of the bay (37o08.7’N 25 o 13.67E). This bay provides shelter from all directions except from the south and has good holding in 4-10m. with a bottom of weed and sand.

11. RINEIA – Lazarenta Bay 37o 24.6’N  25o14.3E

This is a very quiet bay with nothing ashore but interesting ruins and a small farm. Good holding in sand. The bay is sheltered from all directions and a good hopping-off point for a trip to Delos. Be careful on the approach as there is an uncharted pile of rocks on the entrance to the bay marked by what looks like a fishing buoy. Keep to the middle of the bay until well inside.

12. MYKINOS – Megali Ammos 37o 26.4’N  25o19.6E

Near the main town on Mykinos the town’s marina is unfinished. It is behind the ferry terminal has no facilities and is disgusting. It’s also a long way from the town and there are no shops nearby. The town harbour is not open for pleasure craft.

Ammos Bay Anchorage

However, Megali Ammos bay is a good large anchorage and is close to the town. Land on the old jetty on the east shore and there is a short cut through to the town with a good bakery and a fruit and veg shop, internet café’s, etc on that side of town. There is a popular beach in the bay which is excellent with a taverna that is not so excellent. The holding in sand is good and the anchorage is quite sheltered from all directions except for the NW quadrant. An occasional swell comes into the bay making the anchorage a little rolly at times.

13. SYROS – Megas Bay  37o 29.86N  24o53.57E

There are three small bays here.

Megas Bay

The holding in the two westerly ones is poor in weed and rock, but the small bay to the east of the larger bay has a sandy bottom, the holding is still not very good, but we anchored in 4m. and had a peaceful night in calm conditions There is nothing ashore except a small beach and what seems to be beach bar run by a blonde – we didn’t try it, but a few motor launches visited during the day. The water was very clear and shelter excellent except from south-westerlies.

14. SYROS – Vari Bay  37o 23.32’N  24o56.60E

Vari Bay

Large Bay with good shelter from all except southerly winds. Moderate holding in sand (over rock?) in 4-5m. Tavernas ashore, a fishing harbour and a small beach. Room for quite a few boats to anchor. Quiet and picturesque. Very clear water – no fish!

15. SIFNOS – Gialos 36o 55.8’N  24o43.7E

Large bay with good holding and sheltered from northerlies. Rolly at times. Small shops ashore and a number of tavernas. No internet. Bus to Apouoti (but check times – we failed to catch any!).

16. SIFNOS – Faros 36o 56.6’N  24o45.1E

Sifnos - Faros

Anchor in the small bay adjacent to the fishing harbour off the small beach. Good holding. Alternatively, go alongside the quay. There is a water tap ashore, a small shop and a good taverna. No internet café.

17. SERIFOS – Tsilipaki Bay  37o 08.25’N  24o31.90E

We anchored in a small bay to the east of the larger bay that has a town ashore. The small bay has nothing ashore. Excellent shelter except from the south. The holding is good in weed and sand in about 4-5m. Many mosquitoes after dusk! Water not very clear but OK. Swell from passing ferries heading for the main town can make this anchorage quite rolly at times.

18. KYTHNOS SE – Kanala  37o 20.73’N  24o25.93E

Kythnos - Kanala Bay

A reasonable size bay with good holding in 4-6m in sand/weed. A few holiday homes ashore and a small village with some shops. Shelter from all but southerly winds, but gusts come over the hills with strong winds from other directions. Clear water.

19. KYTHNOS NE – Loutra  37o 26.32’N  24o26.02E

Kythnos - Loutra bay

This area has a couple of bays and a marina in the town. We anchored in 4-5m in the left hand bay – not good holding, mainly slabs of rock under a thin layer of sand. Best to anchor with a line ashore to the rocks but still not a place we would revisit. We had our worst night for three years in this bay and finally re-anchored successfully at about the eighteenth attempt at 3am in 30 knots of wind after dragging just before dark. Very popular at the weekends with many power boats from Athens. It should provide shelter from all directions, but there are very strong gusts during meltemi. Tavernas ashore but no shops. However, there are many facilities in Loutra which is about a ½ hour walk away. Alternatively – moor in Loutra marina!

20. YDRA – Ag Georgiou Bay  37o 18.22’N  23o22.51’E

Ydra (Hydra) - Ag Georgiou

This anchorage makes a quiet alternative to the main harbour on the island. Ag Georgiou bay is a ‘square’ bay with room for several boats at anchor but the space is better utilised when all vessels use stern lines ashore – this happens at weekends when huge, multidecked motor cruisers visit the bay. Suggest you moor on either side of the bay and use shore lines. Depth is 8-10m and holding is good in sand with patches of weed. Although there is a small church ashore, there is no road access to the bay and it’s very quite during the week with only the occasional fishing boat for company. Most of the time we were alone and able to skinny-dip! The adjacent bay is a resort and the odd swimmer or kayaker makes their way round the headland. The bay is well sheltered from all directions – Petassi Island provides shelter from the north. There is the occasional swell caused by passing ferries, but this is not really disruptive.

21. ATTICA (Mainland) – Anauysou Bay  37o42.8’N  23o56.2’E

We moored in the northern bay of the two bays in this area. Quite crowded with permanent private mooring buoys, but sufficient room to anchor in sand in 4m quite close to the beach. Very calm and sheltered except for some swell caused by passing vessels. Not much ashore except a mobile fast food van.


LAVRIO (Mainland) – Olympic Marina –  37o 41.68’N 24o03. 80’E

Expensive boats - Expensive marina!

Need to contact them a day or so in advance. They were helpful and the facilities are quite good, which they should be as it is expensive. Chandlery, repair facilities, restaurants and a shop ashore plus internet and WiFi, but we had to sit outside the office to get the latter. Good fuel berth – useful as there is not one closer to Athens.

PIRAEUS (Mainland) – Zea Marina 37o 56.2’N  23o.38.9’E

Piraeus - Zea Marina

Need to book but this is an excellent and safe marina with very helpful staff (VHF Ch 9). The marina’s inner basin is the old harbour and is in the centre of the town. Many shops (including Carrefour) and restaurants are within walking distance. WiFi internet available, but range is limited. We managed to get a workable signal on a regular basis from various local superyachts. This is a good port from which to make a trip to Athens. Frequent trains go from the station near the ferry port plus a very regular bus to the airport. Taxis to the station are very cheap (€3) and there is also a tram/bus service.

KOS – Marina  36o 53′ N 27o 18′ E

Kos Marina

Opened in 2001 this is a clean modern marina. Booking is essential info@kosmarina.gr. VHF Ch 77. Good, safe and quiet alternative to mooring in the town harbour which is about 1 mile away.  There are a few shops and restaurants in the marina complex. WiFi available in rooms near the marina office plus a book exchange. Good fuel berth but it is exposed in strong winds through the NW to E when it may be untenable.


2 Responses to Harbour and Anchorage Guide

  1. Peter & Claire s/y "Shania" Catamaran says:

    Thanks for all the info, just wish it was more up to date. Will use some of the info on our visit to the Agean. We may be wintering in Kos.

  2. mark ashford says:

    Your remarks re Kos fuel berth might add that it can be untenable with swells from NW thru E

    I only know Levitha of you other reports – a delightful quiet spot.

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